Monday, May 31, 2010

The Bridge over River Kwai

On friday we watched the movie, The Bridge Over River Kwai. An exelent movie (crazy ending) and my all time favorite scene is the part where the British soldiers come marching in:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The War of Doomsday

Every now and then, myself and my brothers have a battle, ot tournament, or an archery contest which helps with my coriography because we're going to be filming alot of fighting scenes for The Crusader's Tale.

David with his William Wallace sword.

Myself in the second Macar de Blendil costume (based off of Robin Hood's partly) and my broadsword.

Me as an archer.

Tony with Gimli's axe.

Gabriel with his broadsword.

The Battle and Tournament

Friday, May 7, 2010


Hello everybody! It's me! I know, long time no here. Well, in the past months I have been quite busy. First, near the end of march, my sisters friends, Rachel and Emmy (Emmy meaning the Emmy the Irish-Scott from Celtic Nonsense) came to attend the Regency Exhibition Ball which took place March 27, 2010. We danced the whole night and then went home and slept little for the next day we had to wake up early for church. Very frustrating. Follwing this, I went on two weeks off of my current busness which you can find on my profile. In the first weeks of April I was occupied by my said buisness and my sister's birthday. The rest of April I was busy with many different projects such as the filming of "The Crusaders Tale" and the script of the up-coming production which still has no name. I will post later speaking of it. At the end of April was my birthday! And I recieved a new laptop and a new animation program! Wahoo! then, in these first weeks of May, I watched a new video that the people who made "The Hunt for Gollum" made. This new video is known as"Born of Hope" and exelently done movie. Pretty gorry but it was good! And here I am, waiting for another adventure to come my way.

And that is my life.

~The Scarlet Pimpernel