Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Movie Review: Braveheart

Today I'm going to reveiw probably my favorite movie:


We watched it for the millionth time last night! I love that movie! Despite the fact that it's rated R for violence and.. other things... it is really epic movie! Though I would not recomend it for sixteen (I was thirteen when I watched it) on down, I would recomend it if you want to watch an epic movie! It's no wonder that this movie won so many oscars and awards!

Anyway, back to the reveiw. I have to rate this movie 4.5 stars. Due to the fact that it has two scenes that are... dodgy... But, everything else in the movie is of the highest quality! Mel Gibson is, indeed, my favorite director! He has the ability to tell stories in the most unique of ways! Who can think that a movie in which the main character dies would be nominated (and win) a bunch of awards! I have never shown this movie to anyone who didn't leave it with their jaw dropped!

Mel Gibson did an amazing job with the shots, especially with the scene "The Legend Spreads." Another amazing part of it is the costumes and props. I absolutely love the ancient kilts that are worn! Although many historians say that the ancient kilt was never worn by Scots, they looked really good (I even ended up getting myself an ancient kilt after watching this movie!) The music is amazing! The composer is none other than my favorite composer, James Horner (who tied with John Williams in our music polls)! After seeing this movie, I will guarantee you will want to get the soundtrack! Acting was superb! There is not a single actor who didn't protray his character succesfully! Mel Gibson plays the scottish patriot William Wallace and he is the darn best actor in the movie!

All in all, the movie is awesome! I would say that if you are 17+, then you should deffinitely watch this movie! If you can't yet, I would tell you to go onto playlist and listen to some tracks form the soundtrack. Freedom!!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Update and Happy Easter!!!!!!!

Hello followers and fellow bloggers! He is risen! He is risen indeed! The thought of rising from the dead is truly an amazing thought! Because, 100% of people who are born... die! 100%! And God himself died, but he didn't leave the world through death, and this is the amazing truth of it all! He died, but he didn't leave the world (permanently that is) from dying.

Now, updates. Last weekend, wasthe last performance of our churchs' production, "Is is I?" I'm going to edit the video soon and then I will have some parts to show you. But, we have pictures.

Getting in position for production

The Stage

The production last sunday (the pictures are a little blurry because our camera isn't that great and we were moving):



The Stage last Sunday

Simon the Zealot

The Consecration of the Wine

Judas Iscariot

James the Greater


The Washing the Feet

The Consecration of the Bread



John the Beloved (Me)

Monday, April 18, 2011

I will not be blogging until Easter!

I ask my followers not to expect any new posts until Easter! In honor of Holy Week, I will not be getting on my computer unless it is something important! I will post updates on my families Holy Week, the performance last night, and our Easter next week. Have a Holy Week, and a Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

And the Winners are...

Well, the polls are over! And after abour a month or so, we have our winner! The contestants were:

Hans Zimmer

John Williams

Trevor Rabin James Horner

and Harry Gregson-Williams

I know I may have left out a few, such as Howard Shore, this is because I chose all the major ones considered most important composers. We started with all of the most popular composers' OSTs (Original Soundtracks) and when the most popular ones were chosen, we moved on to have them go against eachother, and now, we have the winners!!!!!

The tops composer on our polls are a tie...

The winners are John Williams and James Horner!!!!!!!!!!!

Second place goes to Harry Gregson Williams!!!!!!

Third place, Trevor Rabin!!!!!

and fourth place goes to Hans Zimer!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1 more day!!!!

In one day the polls end!!!!!!! If you haven't voted, you'd better do it now! Tomorrow, the winner of our contest will be announced! One more more day!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The First Performance of "Is it I?"

The director hasn't sent us any pictures yet, so I'll have to do without them until next week or so, but our first performance was a success!!!!! The church was filled! There wasn't a single open seat (except for the ones which people weren't supposed to sat in). We arrived there about an hour earlier than the cast was supposed to get there and helped set up. Once we had moved so many thing this way and that, the stage was set. We then went to get into costumes and makeup. Not being professional actors, the makeup was simple. Since we were supposed to be the apostles, they darkened our skin with the makeup to make us look middle eastern. We then waited for the call to come out... the door opened... it was... time. We went out to the hall outside of the church and waited for our cue, once the lector said "and Jesus sent two of his disciples into the village to find a place to celebrate the Passover meal" we walked in. Myself, Jesus, Peter, and Judas walk to the center aisle as the others go to opposite aisles. Then we walk up the altar... I'll post a video of it next week... so you'll have to wait. It was so much fun!!!!!!! One more performance! Just one more!!! Noooooooo!!!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Jurassic Park

My sister's birthday was yesterday, as you know, and What did she want to watch? Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park is an awesome movie! Some people decide against watching the movie because

#1, It's scary... Duh!

#2 Because they think it's corny.

#1. Do you expect to make an adventure movie without it being a little scary?

#2. In my opinion, a good plot is hard to come by, and they came by it. Who would think that a story where the "bad guys" end up chasing the "good guys" off an Island would be a good story? But with Jurassic Park, the story ended with a satisfying (And typical Steven Spielberg) ending. My honorable friend, The Phantom, disagrees and states that the movie is a waste of time because it's really just a story with Dinos chasing humans until the humans are able to get off the Island. I disagree. What is any movie? Other than the ending, all movies are usually the same. One person is being challenged by one mistake or natural occurrence caused by either Mother Nature or another human, and the hero rises to meet the challenge, sometimes he is victorious and sometimes he is destroyed along with the evil. But, with Jurassic Park, I can think of no better way to end it.

In the story, the owner of the Island found a way to bring Dinos back but he doesn't respect the fact that you can't put a Dinosaur in a cage, especially raptors. In the end, he learns this as their power goes out, also due to a hacker who shuts down the security, and the Dinos escape. The scientists who are there to inspect the Island, end up running from the Park they were inspecting. At the end, the owner of the Island realizes his mistake in cloning dinos and they fly back to the mainland. Truly, my explanation doesn't do the ending justice. What give the movie a glorious atmosphere, is none other than one of Hollywood's top music composers, John Williams. The score is absolutely breathtaking. After hearing the music I immediately learned to play it on the Piano. It is an amazing soundtrack.

All in all, I have to rate it four stars as the movie makes the Dinos a little too smart. But, if you wish to watch an awesome movie, or if you just want to hear majestic music, watch Jurassic Park. Raaaaaaawr!!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday Hannah!

Happy Birthday Hannah!!!

Happy Birthday my partner in crime!

I hope you have a bloody marvelous birthday and hope that

you don't hold it against me that I... forgot... to buy you a present...

Yes, I forgot. Not to mention I couldn't think of anything when I remembered.

Well, Happy Birthday you blue eyed bonny lass!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Plots Needed!

Well, we're already planing different plots for films we can make when we finish The Crusader's Tale. We have a few of them, but we need another one. I am going to ask anyone who wants to, to give us a plot for a book, or a play, or just a story, that they'd like to see on film. There are a few requirements though, their must be a maximum of five people in each scene! Their can be five main speaking characters in all. Their cannot be any armies or large groups of soldiers or groups of people, and no period before Medieval. If you think you have a plot, or could come up with one, PLEASE LET ME KNOW in a comment (which won't be published).

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sneak Peak!!!!!!

Yesterday we officially filmed the first scene, of this year, of our first production: The Crusaders Tale

(this is not our official poster)

I have also decided this:

Though Lord and Lady Production has been the place where we post the updates on our movies, I have decided to make, instead of place to post, not only things about The Crusaders Tale, but our official Lord and Lady Productions Website (blog)! I am asking all my followers to follow this new blog so that I know somebody is reading it. All the updates for any film we do will be there as well as, as mentioned above, the sneak peak (which will be posted as of tomorrow) into The Crusaders Tale...

Monday, April 4, 2011

One More Week!!!!!!!

One more week till our first performance of "Is it I?" After all the Masses this week, next week, and the week after in our parishes, we have had actors giving a sort of preveiw to the play. I will be in the one in two weeks with my Dad, who is playing Peter.

It will open with myself, John, and Thadeus setting a small table. Peter, my Dad, will then walk to the front of the Altar and speak to the audience telling them of the supper that himself, the apostles, and Jesus will be having that night. We then walk off the altar and the lector tells the audience of the performance that night.

The one this weekend was also quite interesting. The lector asks the audience to imagine they are on a busy street corner in Jerusalem. Then, a Pharisee walks to the front of the Altar and speaks to the people asking them is they've seen a certain "Jesus of Nazareth." He says if they will tell him where this rabbi is, he will make it... worth their while... He also tells the people that the Sanhedrin doesn't mean any harm to Jesus, they simply want to question him. He then walks out of the church.

Here is the picture of our poses at the table. If you click it, you might be able to see it better. Jesus, who, we're hoping, will be able to grow out his beard in a hurry, is sitting with his hands flat on the table in front of the tabernacle (we made sure to have a priest remove the Eucharist while we are in front of the tabernacle). I am the apostle on Jesus' right with one hand on it's side. Judas is facing towards me, and Peter is the person in the middle (and somewhat behind) Judas and me. I can't wait until next week!!!!