Monday, July 26, 2010


Hello. I know I havn't posted in a while, but that's life! Anyway, I have come to tell you a story, of a fish. Yesternoon, I and my brothers and father were fishing on a bridge by a dam. Now we had had bad luck all day but finally, when my Father called me telling me there was a huge fish! I ran to his side and saw a cloud of dirt in the water which kept growing. then it stopped, and out came a catfish with it's mouth about six inches long and from tale to head about, a foot and a half or more! He was the biggest fish I'd seen in my whole life! I then cast my line right where he was, but, unfortunatley, he gave us his tale and swam away. I kept my line right there though, in the hope he was coming back. I waited for a while but he didn't come. So, I went to the other side of the bridge to see If I could see him there, but I didn't. Then my dad told me he saw him. So I ran to him, looked in, and saw him again. This time I called the other boys. They came and also casted in their lines which scared him away again. I then waited again. Now, Tony and David, my brothers, had been catching little trouts and Tony had an idea, Catfish only like stinky things like chicken livers and things like that, so, Tony went and sliced up a trout he had caught and gave us each a piece to put on our hooks. I got the head which I quicly hooked and threw into the water. He still didn't bite. Then we saw him again! And again! But still no bites. So, seeing as though we had to leave the campsite where our tent was in one hour, we decided to leave old Angus in the water. So we left. Though we may not have caught him, It was a pleasure to see the old bugar. This is my fish tale. If you liked it, you might like the way an old scotsman might tell it on my secondary blog, Alot o' Celtic Nonsense Aboot nothin'!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Kingdom of Heaven

I have watched Kingdom of Heaven last night. I'm afraid I cannot, like Saxon, give it a high rating. I'm afraid I have to, on a scale of 1-10, put it on a two. The battles, weapons, coriography, costumes, and acting was superb. But these things are not what makes a movie good. It's a plot. I'm afraid the plot was very dragging. It was very disapointing. But considering how many people gave me their opinion of it, I was expecting something of that sort, but a little more than what it left me with. The movie, I am afraid, was jam packed with anti-Catholic lines, such as this line. They bash the Pope with this line "Killing a muslim, THE POPE HAS SAID, is not a sin, it is a path to heaven."

Now, the good side of it, The costumes were great! take a look at some and I'm not saying, see how cool they were, though that mey be part of it, But I am saying look at the Historicality of it:
Godfrey and his band

King Richard (not the actor from the movie)

TheIbelin surcoat

Balian of Ibelin

The Jerusalem Tunic

Balian in battle

Another great factor was the swords. They were probably the best done swords I've seen in a long time:

The sword of Tiberius

Sword of Saladin

Sword of Odo (this is the only one I'm not really keen on)

My altime favorite sord, the sword of Ibelin

Sword of Guy

The sword of the King. This one is not as good.

As for favorite characters, my three favorites are (in order)

Godfrey of Ibelin
Balian of Ibelin

The King of Jerusalem

He has to wear a mask because he is a leper