Thursday, October 27, 2011

Life Update

I know, I know... I never post that much during this time of year. So I am giving you the updates on my life:

I bought a new airsoft rifle!!!!! It's got metal internals, it's an automatic, it has matal external parts all over, and and charging rod on the side of the gun, and a 300+ round magazine.

I got my job back at the Country Mill. It's better than last year. This year I'm weighing pumpkins. And I get to dress up this weekend!!!! My sister decided to dress up as an FBI agent (she looks alot like one) and I am dressing up as Al Capone on Saturday, and on Sunday we're both dressing up as pirates! Wahoo!

We are taking fencing lessons! It's fun! My grandma is coming next week! Can't wait!

So, you now have the updates on my life. I shall have to attempt to post more. I'll try.