Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Bowl!

The Super Bowl is almost here! i know that most people arn't big on football, but my family has always liked it and we always watch the Super Bowl either on the computer or the TV. So this year, we're ready to see it again. Unfourtunately, our family's two favorite teams did not make it this year: the Indianapolis Colts, and the New England Patriots. The two teams that did make it are the Green Bay Packers, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I'm rooting for the Steelers this year because GB has beaten all the teams I liked. Just for the fun of it, I have placed a pole to see what people's favorite teams are, Green Bay, or Packers.

Friday, January 28, 2011

New Blog!

Due to the fact that his other blog is only for posting storied he is working on, The Phantom has started a new personel blog for everything other than stories. Here is the link and I urge everyone to go and follow it: It may turn out to be quite interesting.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What a battle!

Ah! What a battle! Sorry Saxon if this makes you a wee bit jealous, but I've just got to write about it just to bug you! Just kidding. We played three rounds strait of airsoft. My gun made me the top sniper of the class! The first battle I was expecting David and his '39 to kill the first person who came close and win (we play to the first death). But, here's how it went:

I was hiding by the cars waiting for them. David dropped to his knees about twenty yards away from me and opened cover fire on Gabriel who was being shot at by Tony. When David saw me hiding and waiting for him, I jumped out and cocked the gun. David shot first but missed. While he cocked his gun, I fired my first shot and sniped him just under his safety glasses. He needed to be hit once more to die. But, when I rose and cocked the gun to shoot again, Tony, now laying down cover fire for David, shot me in the chest. I then fired on him and sniped him in the side. David was just about to shoot at me when I fired another shot at Tony, who was running away, and hit him in the back of his knit cap thus winning the game.

On the second game, I decided to be defense again as I was in the last game, but with Tony this time instead of Gabriel. Tony and me took the same positions as me and Gabriel did in the last game. When David came into sight, kneeling a few feet away from where he was in the last game, Tony fired his gun, but missed. I then saw an opportunity. I began to run to the other side of the house. As I did I ran into Gabriel who was trying to flank us. I fired at him, but missed. I chased him until I came to the other side of the house. When I saw David, who now noticed me and was running, I fired at him and hit him. Then Gabriel hit me in the chest from my side. I turned and sniped him. Then, after cocking the gun again, I fired and killed David. Winning the second game.

The third game, however, I was not as lucky. Gabriel was with me again and we were the offense. We charged around the house and their I saw Tony and David at the trailer. David was under it giving me a small target to shoot at. I cocked the gun and fired. I hit him in the face. Then, I moved up. I was hit as I came to a stop. I fired again at David, but missed. I fired at Tony and hit him in the leg. But, then I was hit with a shot from David's gun. Gabriel was trying to lay down cover fire on their flank, but it didn't work.David, just as I missed him, fired again and hit me in the shoulder. We had lost.

Thus ended an awesome day of airsofting.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Of Airsofting

We are airsofters! Yes, me and my brothers are learning the ins and outs of airsofting. It all started when we moved here. Some friends of ours showed us their airsoft guns and we played it. The first time I played I wasn't hit once. But, when I played the second time, I was hit for the first time and since then I didn't want to play any more (it did hurt quite a bit). But that was because I was running away and the enemy player had a 500 feet-per-second gun. Ouch. So, I didn't want to play for a while. But then, my brothers, this year, bought themselves two machine guns and a shotgun. So, it all began. the boys kept pushing me to buy one for myself, but I hesitated. I felt like getting another sword. But then, I bought myself my first gun, which I sold to my brother for more money, and then bought myself an M14 Sniper Rifle. Here are the pictures of our arsenal (Our camera doesn't take very good pictures):

Our Arsenal

Gabriel's Mossburg 550 Shotgun
(it only shoots one shot at a time)

Tony's M 74DP (we have two of these)
It can shoot full-automatic or just semi-auto

Gabriel's R36

David's R39
It has a foldable stock and shoots one BB at a time then
you cock it to fire again

My M14 (sorry about the shiny photos)
This is what it looks like without the detachable RAS rail, flashlight, and scope.

Here it is with the RAS rail, flashlight, and scope.

I bought the gun off of a store from Amazon, but, my favorite Airsoft store it and

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hello followers! At the moment I am watching a football game. We have been watching football the entire game this year, and have finally learned the ins and outs of the game. The ball was just kicked. Nice kick. Nice Block. Nice tackle..... Nice run.... Touchdown!!!!!! Not really. The ball's just started on the opposite side. Bah! Incomplete pass. Well, I'm gonna go watch the game. Have a grand sunday.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Flu Year 2011!!

Alas, yes. I have the flu. I am getting over with it now. I spent my New Years in a bed. But, we are celebrating New Years today. So, Happy 2011! And one of my New Years resolutions is: To finish The Crusaders Tale. You may expect it late this year... we hope... And then, we plan to take a year off of filmeing thwn film a few trailers of a few different stories. Whichever one the audience, in other words the followers, finds more entertaining , finds more entertaining then we will begin to film it. So, Happy 2011!