Monday, April 30, 2012

My Birthday

Yesterday was great! We went to early Mass in the morning then headed home for a meal of eggs, gravy, bacon, etc. Throughout the day we ate snacks, took walks, played volleyball, opened some presents, and viola! An awesome Birthday. I recieved my WE F226 Gas Blowback, and it's awesome! This week we'll be filming and taking pictures of the Knight's Templar Elite so you will see us in semi-action. My AK74 I ordered along with 4 extra mags should be arriving tomorrow. But anyway, yesterday was grand, and I gotta run. Bye!

-The Pimpernel

Friday, April 27, 2012

Airsoft War Action Polska Marine Corps Team in Scotland HD

I couldn't post this along with my orecent post, so I am posting it seperately. You probably have to watch it in full screen.

If this doesn't convince you that airsoft is awesome, then oh well.

Long time no see... or hear... or read...

I know, I know. I'm a little late. Homeschool standard time. I have been retired from blogging for a while... since December it would seem... other then Lord and Lady... but, I HAVE COME BACK TO LIFE! Or words to that effect... So, I'm back. And back I will stay!

As of late, we have been swamped with school, lent, Easter, films, and, funnest of all, airsofting! I love that sport! Some call it strikeball, or softnose, but that's what we've been doing. As you know, our squad was formed sometime in December when we each received our camo and each received our call signs: Abbot, Deacon, Monk, and Reverend. Since our squad is called the "Knights Templar Elite" we thought it appropriate to use religious names, as the Knights Templar were a military religious order. Airsofting is awesome! Don't believe me? Oh well. Anyway, that's what we've been doing alot of. Recently, I sold my old JG MP5 MOD5 and bought a Dboys AK 74 which should be arriving sometime soon. Also, for my birthday, this Sunday, I will also be getting various other airsofting equipment. Fun!

So, other then airsoft, we're having a movie night tonight with our friends and that should be a blast. Still don't know exactly what we're going to watch though. One thing I absolutely detest about movie nights, is they usually have to be on Fridays... Fish Days... 'tis a downside. But, my hope is unstirred that my Mom is the best non-meat chef ever.

I also read the Silmarilion for the second time. Understood it alot more this time. I think there are parts which need to be made into movies (Beren and Luthien or the Fifth Battle of Bereliand), but overall, the book is so good, no one could some of the magnificent parts justice. ESPECIALLY not Peter Jackson. Everyone always says "Peter Jackson is the best director ever!" ...not to trivialize Lord of the Rings or how great it was, but Jackson is a horror movie director. Many parts or shots inside of LOTR could have been cut out (E.g. the orc head on a spear, the breeding scenes, etc.). Again, not to say the movies are bad, which would be false, but I just find it annoying when someone has to says something about a good director and immediately thinks "Peter Jackson!" Well... that was kind of rambling, back on subject, I love that book.

Weather has been quite nice this year. Winter was mild and Spring came early. Love it! I truly hope that repeats itself. But I doubt it. Gotta go!

-The Scarlet Pimpernel (Abbot)