Tuesday, July 26, 2011

There and Back Again: A Hobbit's Tale by The Pimpernel

About a week ago, I left for a Young Men's Summer Camp. It was a blast! Myself, the leader, and another guy, were the first ones to arrive. We then started to set up the tents and unload the food when all the rest of the group arrived. We began the trip with Mass and the Rosary and then had a dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs!

The next day we went canoeing down a river to Amon Hen... Well, myself and my canoe partner were in first place in the first part of the race! The second part, we were somewhere in the back, and in the third part, we were in second place! Once we were done, we were so tired! As usual we went to Mass and said the Rosary but ended with a dinner of cheese dip and spaghetti.

The next day, we went on a hike on some Sand Dunes. This was the end Mr. Frodo! Just over the hills! It would all be over! Then we could go home! Home to the Shire! As you can see, it was quite difficult. The hills were some of the most difficult things to climb! On the way back, back 'ome, I literally fell down just within a few yards of the last hill. I had trouble just pulling myself to the top. Then I could see the vans! We'd done it Mr. Frodo! It's done!

The next day we packed up the tents and went home. Ya. Lots of energy and excitement there. Hahaha! As we were the first to arrive, we were the last to pack up and leave.

All in all, the trip was a fun one. I would have to say I will be goin' again next year. But after a long adventure, it's good to be back 'ome. So, I have lived the adventure. I have gone there... and back again.

The Eagle

I watched the Eagle the other night. I have to rate this movie 3.5 (out of 5) stars. It was indeed an epic movie!

The movie opened with a Roman centurion, Marcus Flavius Aquila, (Channing Tatum) taking command of his new post in Scotland (well on the borders of Scotland and England anyway) and you find out Marcus' father was the centurion of the 9th legion which lost it's treasured standard, The Eagle. You see, to the Romans, the Eagle represented Rome. If they lost their Eagle, it was a great shame. Just like if Catholics lost a Church to the protestants it would be a shame... well sort of... So, Marcus then decides to reclaim the Eagle and his families honor with the help of his slave, Esca, (Jamie Bell) whose father was one of the chiefs who led the attack on the 9th legion.

If you want to fin out what happens next, you'll have to watch the movie.

Action: There were battles all through it!

Romance: no romance (sorry girls but I hate whenever a film has that in it)

Plot: great story! The ending was a little weak, but it cut the cake.

Music: Surprisingly, the music was decent enough for the movie. There were times when it sounded like Emperor Palpatine's theme from Star Wars, but I suppose it was a low budget movie.

Props and Costumes: One reason I was attracted to this movie was because the costumes and weaponry were designed by my favorite prop makers: Windlas Steel (who also did the props for Prince Caspian, The Kingdom of Heaven, and many others).

Epic film! I would recomend watching it if you are 15 (It was pretty dark)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thorin Okenshield

An exiled king, a battle hardy lord, wielder of the elven blade known as Orcrist, this, my friends, is Thorin Okenshield:

Just like I envisioned Thorin to be! That's my idea of Thorin to a T! Hurrah for Peter Jackson and Richard Armitage: the PERFECT image of Thorin Okenshield! Bravo!

As a young Dwarf prince, Thorin witnessed the destruction and terror wrought when a great fire-breathing Dragon attacked the Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor. After slaughtering many of Thorin's kin, the great serpent, Smaug, entered The Lonely Mountain and took possession of its vast store of gold and jewels. No-one came to the aid of the surviving Dwarves, and thus, a once proud and noble race was forced into exile. Through long years of hardship, Thorin grew to be a strong and fearless fighter and revered leader. In his heart a fierce desire grew; a desire to reclaim his homeland and destroy the beast that had brought such misery upon his people. So when fate offers him an unusual ally, he seizes the chance for revenge.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Two New Dwarves!!!

Two New Dwarves have been posted: Balin and Dwalin!!!

(L-R) Ken Stott as Balin and Graham McTavish as Dwalin. Dwarf Lords in their own right, Balin and Dwalin are close relatives of Thorin. Beyond this, these brothers are two of his most loyal and trusted friends. An old warrior, Balin has lived through hard times and fought many battles, yet he harbors doubts about the wisdom of the Quest to retake the Lonely Mountain. Dwalin has no such forebodings – his belief in Thorin’s leadership is unshakeable. A powerful and bruising fighter, with a natural tendency to distrust anyone who is not a Dwarf, particularly anyone who might be an Elf, Dwalin is not someone to cross lightly.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Hobbit Pictures!

I am loving the way the new dwarves are turning out! The pictures of Thorin will be released in a few days I think. But here are the ones they have so far:

He looks like Bilbo!!!! Can you notice Thorin in the back?

(L to R) Jed Brophy as Nori, Adam Brown as Ori and Mark Hadlow as Dori in "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" (Photo by James Fisher)

These three brothers, all sons of the same mother, could not be more different from each other. Dori, the oldest, spends much of his time watching out for Ori, the youngest; making sure he’s not caught a chill or got himself killed by Wargs or Goblins. Nobody quite knows what Nori gets up to most of the time, except that it’s guaranteed to be dodgy and quite probably, illegal. Dori, Nori and Ori are intensely loyal to each other – and whilst they are perfectly happy fighting amongst themselves, woe-betide anyone who means harm to one of these brothers.

John Callen as Oin and Peter Hambleton as Gloin in "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" (Photo by James Fisher)

Distant cousins of Thorin Oakenshield, these two doughty, Northern Dwarves join the Company out of a sense of loyalty to their kin, and also because they have a substantial sum of money invested in the venture. Along with Bombur, Gloin is the only other married Dwarf in the Company (there being a shortage of female dwarves in general). His wife is an acclaimed beauty with a particularly fine beard. Gloin is the proud father of a young son, Gimli, who will go on to become part of the famous Fellowship of the Ring.

(L-r) Stephen Hunter as Bombur, James Nesbitt as Bofur and William Kircher as Bifur in New Line Cinema's and MGM's fantasy adventure The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, a Warner Bros. Pictures release.
While most of the Company of Thorin Oakensheild is related to the royal and noble line of Durin, Bofur, his brother Bombur and their cousin Bifur most definitely are … not. Born and bred in the West, descendants of coal miners and iron workers, they have joined the Quest for the Lonely Mountain partly to seek their fortune and partly because they were told the beer was free.

Dean O'Gorman as Fili and Aidan Turner as Kili in "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" (Photo by James Fisher)

Two of the youngest Dwarves, Fili and Kili have been born into the royal line of Durin and raised under the stern guardianship of their uncle, Thorin Oakensheild. Neither has ever travelled far, nor ever seen the fabled Dwarf City of Erebor. For both, the journey to the Lonely Mountain represents adventure and excitement. Skilled fighters, both brothers set off on their adventure armed with the invincible courage of youth, neither being able to imagine the fate which lies before them.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Crusader's Tale Updates

Hello followers! As some of you may know, The Crusader's Tale will be coming to a close soon. We have 11 days left of shooting and a few more for redo shots. So, with this said, we have turned our thought to rating. Naturally it isn't going to be rated by the MPAA, but before the film itself, there will be a video of meself speaking about the film and I will say what the estimated rating would be if it were a real film. So, hence, I am asking the followers to vote on what it should be rated. Watch this video and when you are done, there is a poll at the top of the blog for the rating:


Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!

The 4th of July. A day where Americans celebrate the triumph of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin over the Southern aristocrats in signing an immortal document which would change the course of the future for the entire world. True, many countries find America to be too materialistic, and indeed, we are. But, America is my favorite country, though it may seem I love Scotland more, I do not. God Bless America, and the men who made her free.