Saturday, November 20, 2010

Double Movie Review

Hello Followers! Last night, and the night before, I should add, I watched two movies. The first was 'The Crossing'. I rented this movie after reading about it on the company that made the props for it. (

Jeff Daniels, in my opinion, played an awesome George Washington. Extremely dedicated to his cause. It was the story of when Washington crossed the Delaware and attacked the hessians, a by far, superior force considered the best soldiers in the world. Costume-wise I would have to rate it two stars. Acting-wise I would rate it four stars. Below is a scene where General Gates and Washington have a debate about the Battle of Trenton. This can give you an example of the acting and costumes.

The second movie is one which I consider one of the best World War II movies I've seen. Saints and Soldiers.
This movie, acting-wise and everything else-wise I would rate it four stars. An amazing movie and one I would recomend to anyone who doesn't mind PG-13 movies. It's ending was somewhat sad, but I didn't really mind. Below is the trailer for the movie. I would encourage you, if you don't mind PG-13 movies, as I said above, to watch this movie.