Monday, November 28, 2011

Of Thanksgivings and Advents and Being Behind Blogging Schedule

I am way behind. No use trying to get around it I am neglecting to post out of laziness.... but considering I have a life outside of blogging, and this is just a tool with which I can do something, it really doesn't matter. So, no matter whether I'm behind or not, but I still should apologize as the followers took time to follow this blog, I should at least take the time to say something! So, Happy Thanksgiving! My family and I had a wonderful thanksgiving! We had a blast! My Grandma was able to be here and we all ate our turkey, stuffing and many other foods with much delight, you'd better believe it! We still, after Thanksgiving has been over for 5 days now, have leftovers... I'll take care of that in a couple of hours.... My family has a tradition of saying what we are all Thankful for as we eat.

But now it is, and I cannot believe it, ADVENT!!!!!!!!! It seems only yesterday we were in the middle of summer! So, I had to step on it and change my blogs look and put on my Christmas playlist... oh boy....

Updates on life: My brother David's birthday is coming up and he, shockingly, wanted to ask for the same airsoft gun I bought. I decided to be nice (and I also wanted to buy another one as it was a little heavy for my taste...) and sell him the one I bought... strange huh? So, I had to but yet another gun.... this time I bought a gun used by the Navy SEALS and also the most widely used sub machine gun around the world: The MP5. The MP5 is used by many armies around the world including the Australian Army, the Italian Army, the US Army, the Irish Army, the UK Army, and, one of my reasons for loving it, the Swiss Guard, and many more. I love this gun! And I love airsoft!

We have finally created out Arsofting Squad. We are calling ourselves the Knight's Templar's and, as we are taking out name from the Catholic warrior monks, have adopted the Italian uniform: Vegetato Camouflage, OD Gear, maroon or black berets (or Special forces helmets), and any gun used by the Italian Army. For myself, I will be the squad leader and David is our Squad second in command. Myself and Tony, are our squad assault troops/CQB (And part-time sniper for myself), Gabriel is out gunner, and David is our squad SDM (squad designated marksman). I can't wait until we all have our gear!

Until next time,