Monday, June 14, 2010

I love this! It Lego Vader leading the Clone Orchestra in his own theme:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Greetings, friends of my blog. I have come to catch up on my life. Swordmaking is going quite well. My brother has completed his second, well sanded, short knight sword which is capable of very hard blows. In fact, at 3:30 p.m. I pulled out my scottish long sword and he took his sword and a round saxon shield and he and I tested the swords in combet. We both proved eachother's skill with our favored weapons. He used the broad of his to execute a slash cutting my back, and I, in the second, fooled him by bringing my broadsword down over his head forcing him to put his shiled up and I then turned my blade and brought the edge of my sword onto his stomach thus gaining victory in record time: 0:06 seconds.

I have been using my webcam with my brothers and filming Jedi and Sith movies with myself playing the role of Emperor Palpatine or, if you prefer, Lord Sidious. With my new editing program, nameley, Pinnacle Studio HD Version 14 Ultimate Collection, we were able to perform great athletic deeds. Such as picking up a lightsaber which happend to be ten feet away without even moving from our postion, and even jumping 5 feet backwards onto a thin rail. Very tedious.

I have just now created a signature as you can see below, and I am sure I will enjoy it. We have been having trouble with our new ducks. They seem tobe too connected to the barn and we are doing our best to remedy their somewhat dull lives by bringing them away (but mostly for our own entertainment, Jolly good, whot!) And we have also perchased five Guinnee "Keets", if that's the way you bloody spell the bloody word, and one got through the wire and has disappeared. I hate this bloody time of the year. Every year, at this time, we have chicks hatch, and every year we end up being their mothers instead of their mothers being the mothers their bloody supposed to be! Well, I really have to get cracking so, Goodbye!