Monday, April 30, 2012

My Birthday

Yesterday was great! We went to early Mass in the morning then headed home for a meal of eggs, gravy, bacon, etc. Throughout the day we ate snacks, took walks, played volleyball, opened some presents, and viola! An awesome Birthday. I recieved my WE F226 Gas Blowback, and it's awesome! This week we'll be filming and taking pictures of the Knight's Templar Elite so you will see us in semi-action. My AK74 I ordered along with 4 extra mags should be arriving tomorrow. But anyway, yesterday was grand, and I gotta run. Bye!

-The Pimpernel


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day! (would love to see films/pics of the airsofting squad.)


  2. For some reason I was unable to reply to your question on the posts before the last so here is my reply. Well, it depends on the year. (for amount of snowfall) The most we ever had was about 12 inches or less. we don't have any sledding hills though so even if we did get a lot we couldn't sled, sadly. (We might be able to sled on that hill down into the pond in our swim suits...) lol. Once our pond froze completely over. Have you ever been skiing?

    1. 12 inches!!! Lucky! That's the LEAST we get! Ok, it's not all that bad. It's a little more 12 inches when it snows, but melts after a long while. So 12 is usually standard. Skiing? Not yet. But my Dad REALLY wants to go.