Thursday, May 3, 2012

Concerning Piano Lessons and Compositions

Piano Lessons... hm... what could be said on the bright side... Ah yes! I learn to play maginificent pieces such as the itsy bitsy spider! lol. Just kidding. I haven't played that one yet... :P No, I actually kind of like it. Also, our recital is coming up and was commanded to finish composing the piece I've been working on and to play it for the recital. So, I have. As a few of you know, I mainly compose pieces which could be used in movies. So, I have composed a piece which would serve as a modern day film's main title. All rights reserved. :P If we ever make a modern day film I could use it, but until then it's up for grabs if anyone wanted to use it... I'm going to film meself playing it and post it whenever I have the time, and I need some good critics. Lol. Also at this moment, we are thinking of Grail Lords and whether or not it will be possible. Lots of complications. Mainly financial. Oh boy... producing is fun... >:(

-The Scarlet Pimpernel

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